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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

If you want to get rid of blackheads you're going to stop using oil-based makeup and skin treatments. These oil-based skin products will ensure that your pores get clogged on a regular basis because oil-based skin products, as compared to water-based products, are near impossible for your body to break down naturally. There are non-comedogenic (“clog-free” for us lay people) skin products available that should be used instead.

If you're going to get rid of blackheads you're going to stop scrubbing your face with harsh abrasives. Irritating your skin with harsh chemicals and special skin scrubbing cloths actually causes more acne problems because your skin reacts to these chemicals by trying to repair the damage you've done, clogging your pores with puss and naturally occurring oils.

Moisturizing your face with a damp, warm cloth in the evening can help get rid of blackheads. Simply put the damp cloth over your face for a period of 15-25 minutes each night, to help loosen and dissolve dead skin, dirt, and other pore clogging particles. It has been suggested that boiling the wash cloth first will ensure that you are not introducing additional bacteria to the surface of your face. Please allow the cloth to cool properly.

Applying beta hydroxy acid to the face on a regular basis has been shown to help get rid of blackheads. Beta hydroxyl acid (Salicylic acid) is an organic acid that exfoliates the skin, allowing dead and dying skin cells to slough off more readily, thus opening the pores. Opening your pores allows the comedones (blackheads) to come to the surface for easier blackhead removal.

A 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide facial cleanser will help get rid of blackheads. Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical most teenagers should be familiar with, seeing as how it's the main anti-bacterial agent in many acne treatment products. The key to a good facial cleanser though, is a sufficient percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide. Don't go for anything less than 2.5% if you really want to get rid of blackheads.



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