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How to Apply Eye Makeup

It is known that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you want someone to see your inner beauty, you have to get noticed and the perfect way to get noticed is wear the most inviting and subtle eye makeup, however the key is the application of the eye make up. Let's face it most of us regular working people do not have the time or the cash to dash to our stylist every time we need to apply makeup, let's leave that to the rich and fabulous to do. For us simple folks we can learn how to apply eye make up and be just as good as a professional, even though it may take a little practice we will eventually get there.

How to Apply Eye shadow
The first step in applying eye make up should be deciding what colors you want to use. The great thing about eye make up is that you can use more than one color and still come out with a fresh and easy look. The key is choosing the color that will stand out the most and apply that color to the entire eyelids. The next step would be to apply a lighter shade above the first color, when applying the lighter shade it should be done in one quick and easy movement.

How to Apply Eye Liner
Okay the hard part is over or so you think, the eye shadow is on just right, so now what? Yes you guessed it eyeliner, what would eye make up be with out eye liner that defines your eyes? Eyeliner is available in pencil and liquid forms you can choose the eye liner that you feel most comfortable with. To apply eyeliner it is best if you start at the inside corner of your eye with swift strokes by drawing a thin line close to your eyelids to the best of your ability. You can choose to do this one time for a subtle look or a few times for a more vivid look.

Application Tricks for Mascara
Eye Shadow checks, Eye liner Check, oh did you forget about the mascara that will make you bat your lashes like Betty boop? Mascara is also essential for making your eyes look sexy and inviting , with the right mascara and the correct application you won't need those fake long eye lashes when you have your own to bat with. Talking about mascara it would not be cool if I did not mention, an eyelash curler, eye lash curlers and mascara go hand in hand while they both give your eyelashes that added boost to make them look absolutely gorgeous. It would be wise to invest in an eyelash curler when you are dressing your eyes. It is recommended that you curl the eyelashes first, before you apply the mascara to avoid pulling or breaking of the eye lash.

The key to wearing great mascara that won't smear or smudge is to insert the wand inside of the mascara once your new tube of mascara is open, insert the wand and turn it inside of the liquid mascara before pulling it out, this prevents the mascara from drying out and looking clumpy on your face. Once you mastered this task, simply run your brush along the lashes in a smooth direction away from your face. If you want your mascara to appear thick you should apply two coats, if you choose this option it is best that you wait until the mascara dries until you apply the second coat. After the mascara is applied, it is recommended that you comb eyelashes with a comb to remove any clumps that may have formed while applying the mascara.

Viola! Now you are an expert on how to apply the most tantalizing eye makeup that will make men flock to your doorstep and want to get deeper into your souls through your eyes, so be careful. Eye make up can be a very powerful thing.



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