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Anyone can be beautiful. Really. It just takes a little knowledge.

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• That some make-up colors could add 10 years to your looks?

• That there's a best time of day to treat cellulite?

• That you can eat your way to better looking skin?

• That knowing your nail type is as important as knowing your skin type?

• That whether your hair is curly or straight is more important than if it's dry or greasy in helping it look good?

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Latest Designer Perfume

Euphoria Intense - Calvin Klein

Launch: 28 Oct 2008
Euphoria men intense is a rich, darker version of the euphoria men signature scent, exploring a bolder more intense encounter. Euphoria men intense is an oriental amber defined by it sexy, exotic aura. the provocative blend of these sensual and masculine ingredients stimulate the feeling of mystery and intrigue.

Halloween Kiss

Jesus Del Pozo

Launch: 21 Oct 2008
Now in 2008 JDP presents his most seductive and captivating feminine fragrance yet. Halloween KISS is a sensual, oriental infusion encased within a stylised and attractive glass bottle imprinted with pink orchids. The fragrance is characterised by top notes of blood orange, bubbly coca-cola and cantaloupe melon. At the heart lie the sensuous, rich elements of diamond orchid and peach elixir. At the base are evocative notes of candied praline, tonka bean and vanilla mousse.

Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy

Launch: 01 Oct 2008
Absolutely Irrésistible Givenchy is a Flamboyant, vibrant, and luscious Eau de Parfum. A floral signature that combines brilliance, vibrant radiance and intense pleasure. A pure jewel, inspired by Liv Tyler’s blossoming femininity, full of freshness and sensuality. 100% Givenchy and 100% Feminine, this new fragrance is Absolutely Irrésistible Givenchy!

Daisy EDP Perfume

Launch: 30 Sep 2008
Daisy EDP by Marc Jacobs: daisy eau de parfum features the same notes as the original daisy eau de toilette. It concentrates the fragrance’s essential oils for a luxurious sensation. The fresh, wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit notes are softer, while the heart blooms with jasmine petals, violet petals and gardenia. The feminine florals blend seamlessly with th e creamy musks, leaving an impression that is rounder, richer, and lusciously floral with a sophisticated touch.


Launch: 30 Sep 2008
Sexy, glamorous, talented and self assured. Christina Aguilera isn’t like other celebrities. She already has everything she dreamt of….and she got it all by herself. With true star quality, Christina is a real living style icon. She never follows trends, but creates them herself. She’s incredibly sexy, but always classy and glamorous. With her style, her attitude, and her incredible voice, she represents strength, individualism and b eauty. Now Christina brings a little of her self-assured confidence and sexiness to every woman’s life with her new fragrance Inspire.

Baby Tous

Launch: 29 Sep 2008
“The smell of babies is ve ry pleasant. I still preserve in my memory the smell of my daughters when they were small: smooth, tender and delicate...and now that I have grandchildren, creating a fragrance for babies has made me remember those unforgettable moments” Rosa Tous.

Sensational Moment

Celine Dion
Launch: 19 Sep 2008
A women in charge of her destiny- sensual, seductive and intimate. She lives for the moment… a Sensational Moment. An alluring serenade of sparkling Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit Blossom and succulent Black Raspberry, combining effortlessly to evoke sensuality.

1 Million

1 Million by Paco Rabanne.
It starts joyfully with a series of luminous and sparkling notes. The freshness of grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin in the top note invite you to be charmed. Then comes the rare intensity of the middle note composed of rose absolute, cinnamon and spicy notes. A striking contrast, combining refined sensuality and asserted virility. And then we discover the ultimate velvety harmony of leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli essences. On arrival, the result is not one fragrance but a multitude which cascade out producing an original and strongly present trail.

Fuel for Life Unlimited

Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited. FOR WOMAN ONLY.
Launch: 03 Sep 20 08 Following the phenomenal success of Diesel Fuel For Life in 2007, the Diesel story continues...It is time for another era of celebration & freedom to begin. A frenitic search for unlimited pleasure, unlimited power, unlimited sexiness & unlimited possibilities. A new precious & sophisticated Elixir of Life is born: Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited.... FOR WOMAN ONLY.

Kenzo Power for Men - Kenzo Power.

Launch: 0 1 Sep 2008
The power of a flower. A wild, lively, poetic tulip, pencilled in black. Weaving its way through the letters of Kenzo and power, enhancing its sensitive strength. A flower with its own mind.

Prada Infusion d'Homme

Launch: 01 Sep 2008
Prada introduces its new fragrance for men. Utilising the finest artisan traditions of classic perfumery, Infusion d’Homme is a sensuously crafted fragrance. Like stepping out of a fresh shower and putting on a clean white shirt, the subtle scent leaves an understat ed but lasting impression. Infusion d’Homme is a balanced classic Eau de Toilette with exceptional quality ingredients like the precious Iris P allida from Florence along with some accentuated masculine notes such as Vetiver, Incense and Benzoin.

Diamonds for Men

Emporio Armani Diamonds for men eau de toilette
Launch: 29 Aug 2008
A luminous, daringly full-bodied opening. The refined, radiant freshness of the Italian citrus-bergamot accord is enlivened by a vibrant, electric burst of Szechuan Pepper. The interpretation of an irresistible, solid diamond. With its recessed facets along the side, the luminous square of glass plays with rays of light, reflecting them from within in infinite configurations like a modern kaleidoscope. A streamlined, powerful, faceted object. Set firmly on its base, featuring an integrated shiny metal spraycap adorned with the famous eagle emb lem.

Secret Obsession

Launch: 27 Aug 2008
SECRET OBSESSION exudes an intoxicating warmth weaving together forbidden fruits, exotic flowers and a sultry wood signature for a provocative and addictive sexiness. The dramatic presence of mou thwatering plum and rich woods entices and brings to the edge, like the woman who wears it.

Velvet Hour

Kate Moss

Launch: 01 Sep 2008
Kate Moss Velvet Hour Embrace the night............... The Velvet Hour - a brief precious moment as dusk settl es and the air is electrified with every possibility. Live an intimate moment of intense sensuality and seduction.


Launch: 22 Aug 2008
RWD PLAY FFWD by Givenchy...Connection, seduction, freedom. Let your imagination run wild, escape from daily routines and discover new sensations. Sights, sounds, feelings – and above all scents - with PLAY, Givenchy’s new masculine fragrance. Top notes: A quartet of bergamot, mandarin orange, bitter orange and grapefruit Middle notes: Amyris wood, black pepper and a coffee flower accord Base notes: A duo of vetiver and patchouli

Tous In Heaven

Launch: 08 Aug 2008
There is an age at which young people need to have their own TERRITORY. A place only for them and their best friends, where they feel they can be who they really are, with their own identity; Free, without giving in to formalities they don’t like. A territory in which they can experience this internal conflict between what others expect them to be and what they want to be. Loyal to their values, to their friends and committed through their friendship. Courageous in showing their defiance and firm in chasing their dreams and fantasies.....



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