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How to become a model

The glamorous world of Modeling, offers an exciting, adventurous as well as a lucrative career to youngsters. As a model you may have the opportunity to travel to beautiful locations, be pampered, be able to attend events with celebrities and earn an attractive pay packet. But in spite of the glamour and popularity this profession needs hard work and sacrifice. Dedication and perseverance is needed to be successful in this field. In the beginning you may have to face rejections. Once you choose modeling as your career, don't give up when you get frustrated and things don't move quickly. You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to succeed as a good model. This highly competitive career requires a lot of stamina and patience. Here are some tips on how to start modeling.

Requisites for Modelling

The main quality to become a model is the looks - he/ she should be tall, slender, attractive or good looking. Perfect skin, good teeth, healthy and well cut hair are assets for those looking forward for a modeling career. Moreover one should be photogenic. Being photogenic is one of the most important quality to have for a model.

There are standard measurements that are required for becoming a model. The model must have a well-proportioned body. They should be tall, fashion industry criteria for best models are 5'7" to 6' or 6' plus. For a man, height should be 6' or 6' plus and he should be muscular. The best measurements for female models are 5'9" , 34 bust, 24" waist, 34" hips. If you are within one inch of these measurements you will be very ideal to model almost anything. There are also models who fall in the Plus size category with a well-toned and proportioned body. Though age doesn't matter much, ideally, a young woman starting out must be between 15 to 22 years old. There is no perfect weight. But a model must be slim and well proportioned.

He/she must be thoroughly professional-be on time for assignments, open to flexible timings and must be able to handle criticism. Other qualities include willingness to travel alone, self reliance, communicative skills, patience, stamina, will power, business skills etc. A good knowledge of acting, camera friendly attitude also helps in the field. A models professionalism, character, good looks, and above all photogenic qualities will reward success in this profession.


A models basic promotional tool is a portfolio which consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. Only the best pictures of standard size ( 9 by 12 inches ) must be included in the portfolio. The portfolio should ideally have a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot (conservative swimsuit or lingerie), a fashion shot (sexy), action shot, an editorial shot and even a catalogue shot. Avoid using 2 pictures of the same shoot. You can keep on adding photographs from works you do, once you start getting assignments. Try to keep your portfolio at the agency as they may have clients who comes for an immediate pick.



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