Beauty and Skin care

Anyone can be beautiful. Really. It just takes a little knowledge.

Do you know?

• That some make-up colors could add 10 years to your looks?

• That there's a best time of day to treat cellulite?

• That you can eat your way to better looking skin?

• That knowing your nail type is as important as knowing your skin type?

• That whether your hair is curly or straight is more important than if it's dry or greasy in helping it look good?

We are here to Show you how beautiful you are, welcome on board...

Tips for Luscious Lips

We all want luscious kissable lips. Here are a few tricks to help you achieve those beautiful lips.
  • For longer lip color wear, apply lip color and blot off the excess, this will help set your color. Then apply a thin layer of pressed powder and apply color again. This will give your color something to cling on to.
  • A thin layer of chapstick will also hold your lip color in addition to healing dry, chap lips.
  • For fuller, poutier lips, apply lip gloss in the center of your lips.
  • Lip lacquers give lips a high glossy look . This can be used alone or in conjunction with lip color.
  • For those evenings out on the town, use a lip gloss with a little glitter or an iridescent shade over your color.
  • If you like the matte look, use a lip primer before your apply lip color to keep your lips from drying out.



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